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Pick 'N' Roll Games Lab

Emanuele Gemme

Emanuele Gemme

Game Designer & CEO

Passionate about basketball and boardgames since childhood, lover of interaction, obsessive-compulsive perfectionist! With him at the gaming table it is forbidden to close the box without having counted every single component. Serial organizer of boxes, maximum purchaser of small parts holders. An always active forge of ideas, Emanuele is the creator and spiritual Father of the Valley-Hoopers project

Ilaria Rizzini

Ilaria Rizzini

Game Designer & Artist

From the desks of fine arts academy with easel and brush to small parts holders, dice and graphic tablets. Clumsy and confusing, she spends most of her time navigating through unnamed documents and folders on her PC… She can't stand any defeat at the table: luckily she rarely loses. Creative and multitasking, Ilaria is the creator, spiritual Mother and illustrator of the Valley-Hoopers project

Pick 'N' Roll Games Lab

Nelle lunghe giornate passate in quarantena a coltivare orti di cartone e riscrivere la storia su una plancia, inizia a prendere forma, tra le pieghe di un foglio bianco, un gioco che sposa due passioni: i meeples e il canestro. Passano due anni, Valley-Hoopers cresce ed i progetti si moltiplicano…

Developing Team

Nicolò, Lorenzo, Giorgio, Sofia and Alessandro are the hard-core supporting squad behind our creations. All our works pass through their analysis in endless playtest sessions. Demonstrators at convention tables, they also support us in all graphic, marketing and production evaluations. Elena, Stefano, Eugenio and Christian are the people who have dedicated themselves to an immense work of translating and revising the rulebook in its English and German edition.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you, your contribution is precious!

our hallmarks

Why choose a Pick 'N' Roll Games Lab's game

Indipendent authors and publishers

Being authors and publishers of one's own works means not getting caught up in the binding logic of the market to the detriment of quality. Our games are characterized by meticulous attention to details and obsessive care in all phases of game design. The development takes place through countless playtest sessions, the publication only when everything is in its own right place.

Game design at the service of reality

 Our game design model is based over the reproduction of real themes taken from the real world in boardgame traits. The simulation aspect is central for our work and the setting is never lacking of essence or bogus. The construction of the mechanics plays a central role in creating a solid "scenic" architecture in symbiosis with the flow of the game.

Combine rather than expand

 Our publishing plan, starting from Valley Hoopers, provides the publication of multiple boxes related to a single title. Each box will have its own peculiarities but will contain everything you need to play the game in its basic mode. The different editions will be combinable with each other to bring the gaming experience to the highest levels through the creation of your own team by making the hoopers draft in the tournament perspective.  

Dynamic faq

Visit the faq page on our website to answer any question regarding the game rules! If you can't find it, don't hesitate to e-mail to allowing us to keep the page constantly updated! If you can't continue your match and your are blocked by any doubt, use the DM channel on our Instagram profile to receive immediate help thanks to the direct line with the authors!

Live #19 - Valley Hoopers The Series by "Il Topo di Ludoteca" con la partecipazione di "MeepleOrDie"

Serata con Pick 'N' Roll Games Lab e il gioco Valley Hoopers by "Incanta Dado"

Pick 'N' Roll Games Lab @"The Italian Meeple Job" by "Un meeple per due"


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